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Frequently Ask Questions 

Can I bring my own skates 

 Yes and its even cheaper as you only pay £6 for admission. 


Do I need to know how to skate before hand. 

No there is no need. It's all about trying and having a good time!


Can I pay by card


Do I have to pay for parking?

Unfortunately yes, it is a private pay and display car park 

Do you have an age limit for children.

No, however our smallest skate hire size is a children's size 8


What is the largest skate size.

Our largest skate is an adult size 13. 


Can I hold my child's hand whilst they skate. 

Parents/ Adults (only) are allowed to walk on the rink without skates to help a child


Can I change skates?

Yes you can. You just need to go  back to skate hire and tell them what is wrong and they will exchange for the right skates and get you back skating as soon as possible. 


Can I spectate 

Parents and guardian can spectate for free however everyone else must pay 


What are the sessions like?

The weekend sessions are mostly family orientated; Parents and young children make up the majority of attendees. Most of our children's Birthday Parties take place on the weekend. The Thursday and Friday sessions are love to skate and games nights, these sessions is mostly attended by teenagers, regulars and advanced skaters. 


Roller Rink 

Below are the common questions asked by customers about the rink and children's birthday parties. If you have any other questions that are not addressed below, please get in contact with us by telephone, email or online via our contact form.

Whilst Skate Central strives to create a safe skating environment for all ages and skating abilities, occasionally skaters lose their balance, fall over and occasionally sustain an injury. Other than a life or death scenario, our staff will not provide first aid to members of the public and our policy is to rely upon the emergency services to provide first cover to our premises. Adults participating in roller skating activities therefore accept our policy in respect of first aid. The parents of unaccompanied children accept this procedure on behalf of their children. Full details of our procedures in respect of how we deal with an injured skater are available upon request.

Children's Birthday Parties FQA

Can I change the number of children attending the party 

Yes you can, as long as you let us know beforehand if it is a significant change


Does the Birthday Party take place during public session 

Yes, you do however get a private room for 45 minutes for food and cake!


Can we decorate the room. 

Unfortunately no, therefore please do not bring party poppers, balloons or banners etc   


What is in the party bag.

In the complementary party bag, you receive a couple of  sweets. However you can bring more sweets to add to the bag. 


Can I arrange a specific a time for the meal.

Unfortunately No, the times for food can only be allocated on the day by the cafe. 



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